It’s Complicated

Beth Saulnier, Cornell Alumni Magazine
September/October 2013

Six degrees of aggregation: How The Huffington Post ate the Internet

Michael Shapiro, Columbia Journalism Review

May/June 2012

Luck vs. Skill: Seeking the Secret of Your Success

Robert Frank, New York Times
August 4, 2012

The random side of riots

Tim Harford, Financial Times
August 3, 2102

Lecture explores pitfalls of using common sense

Staci Matlock, The New Mexican
July 24, 2012

Microsoft Taps Yahoo Scientists for New York Research Lab

Steve Lohr, New York Times
May 3, 2012

Noted Social Network Researcher Duncan Watts Leaves Yahoo

Liz Gannes, AllThingsD
April 29, 2012

We’re From Mars, They’re From Venus

Marketing Daily
August 11, 2011

The Paradox Of Common Sense

The Daily Dish
July 25, 2011

Why social marketing doesn’t work

Financial Times
July 16, 2011

Interview on Dylan Ratigan Show

July 14, 2011

Digital Advertising and Common Sense

Yahoo! Advertising Blog
May 20, 2011

WOMMA Questions the Obvious

360 Digital Influence
May 10, 2011

What Does Duncan Watts at WOMMA have to do with Compete?

The Digital Influence Mapping Project with John Bell
May 9, 2011

Why We’re Terrible Predictors

Psychology Today
April 26, 2011

Too Hard For Science? A Digital Panopticon

Scientific American
Apr 25, 2011

Avoid the Temptation of Common Sense

All Things Digital
April 11, 2011

Common sense is nonsense all too often

The New Mexican
April 10, 2011 – 4/

It’s obvious… when you know the answer

New Scientist
April 6, 2011

Think You Know Market Research? Think Again

Yahoo! Advertising Blog
March 30, 2011

How Common Sense and Hindsight Blind Us to the Future

Business News Daily
March 29, 2011

Which Part of My Advertising is Wasted?

Yahoo! Advertising Blog
March 24, 2011

Study-Everyone’s an Influencer: Quantifying Influence on Twitter

The Measurement Standard
January 27, 2011

3 Rules for Viral Success

Yahoo! Advertising Blog
October 27th, 2010

Duncan Watts on Friendship

Stephen Baker, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
May 7, 2009

Is the Tipping Point Toast?

Clive Thompson, Fast Company
February 2008

Influencers-Shminfluencers: A Podcast with Duncan Watts

Paul Dunay, MarketingProfs
February 28, 2008

Soundbite: Net Saavy
May 2004

“Email Experiment Confirms Six Degrees of Separation”

Will Knight, New Scientist
August 2003

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